Thursday, November 21, 2019

SEO : What is important for ecommerce site in 2020 ?

It is very important for eCommerce sites to  get more traffic through  major search engines. So we have selected five important tips which are  necessary for  any eCommerce site to rank well in Google. It is very much important to get search engine  traffic  to convert well as it is found that search engine traffic  has  a higher conversion ratio than paid traffic. So, ready to rock in 2019-20?

Keyword  research:

Keyword research plays a crucial role for any site. Until you will not know which keywords are important for your site, you will not be able to optimize your site for higher  conversion.
Google's keyword planner is the best available  free tool way to research  your keywords. You can        get more information about  Google  Keyword planners  here.

On page optimization:

On page optimization is a very important part of SEO. It is art  to optimize your pages with targeted  keywords.
First, you need to find out your targeted pages and their  keywords. Make a group of targeted keywords  for the page and arrange them in a proper way.
Caution: don’t  stuff just keywords. It can harm your site rather than benefit.
Using these and sets of targeted pages and keywords you need to optimize following part of your website.
1.      Title :
2.      Meta  description
3.      Meta Keywords
4.      Header  or  h1,h2,h3 tags
5.      Content.
There are many expert opinions available on the above parts of the website and how to optimize it. Important is, you need to understand how each part will work; when Google’s robots crawl them.
The title is “clickable” and it’s available in search results, so title is something which plays dual role in optimization. 1. It helps in conversion and 2. It helps in ranking website in search , you need to craft a title in a very special way.

Website navigation structure:

The Web site should be well structured and internally linked in such a way that  it will easy google to crawl and easy for visitors to surf. So, when you design your website you need to consider two points  in mind:
1.      How Google crawls the website and follows internal pages.
Categorize your pages in the proper way and interlink them in such a way that google can crawl all your internal pages. It’s difficult for search robots to crawl orphan pages.
2.      You need to research  user  behavior

This is very important to understand as we are making a site for visitors. So if your site is not visitor friendly, it will be very difficult to convert them. There are many conversion optimization techniques are available. You should start with any one of them and test your site to improve your conversion rate.